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To Be Or Not To Be An Entrepreneur

To help business owner?s deal with the known and the unknown, Entrepreneur Magazine has compiled some of the most common small business challenges from over 20 years of their publication's experience. This guide to starting, managing and growing a small or micro-business is chock full of information on topics every business owner encounters during the day-to-day operations of a business. There is also a combination of topics many of us didn't know we had questions about. Whether your office is in the penthouse or just down the hall from your living room, running a successful small business in today's world means wearing a lot of different hats and having some general knowledge in a multitude of different areas. From finances and marketing to playing lawyer, it seems like a new batch of questions and issues challenge entrepreneurs every day. And it's not always the questions you already know that cause problems. More often than not it's the questions you don't know even exist that end up being the most dangerous. Entrepreneur Magazine has wonderful info and advice about opportunities in the business world. Entrepreneur Magazine is the highly recognized authority for the small business person who is ambitious! An excellent publication for those in business, or those thinking about going into business.

Entrepreneur Media Inc. is an organization of people dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide to start and grow successful companies. To provide entrepreneurs with the relevant information they need to make informed decisions, Entrepreneur Media Inc. offers a full range of products and services. Entrepreneur organizes each issue quite nicely, with colored tabs on the pages that indicate which section (money, technology, marketing, etc.) they pertain to. This makes it that much easier to sift through, to find the information you need. And there is a section titled "Sources" that helps to index the different services and companies mentioned in each issue. Overall, this is a useful, practical magazine that can come in very handy for present business owners and for those who have an interest in proprietorship. It keeps business owners up to date with the latest changes in laws and it offers some creative solutions to the everyday problems that small businesses encounter each day.

On the practical side, Entrepreneur contains many timely articles about common issues/problems/challenges that arise when you own your own company. Money, marketing, management, and other key topics are covered in each issue, with a regular department for these critical aspects of business ownership. In these sections, you can learn about tax law changes, legal issues with benefits, and other related topics. Having been in business for several years now, I find the most value in this magazine comes from the front section where they list interesting tips, new products, and survey results. Not a month goes by that I don't bookmark a page so I can follow up on a new product or check out a website mentioned in a short piece. For that alone, the low subscription price is worth the investment.

There is a lot of information on franchising, which is great for those interested in this business model. Though this is not my personal cup of tea, I still find it interesting to read the lists of franchises and notice the trends in popularity. Who knew there were so many pet service franchises available! Whether you want to get a jump on situations before they come up by reading this book cover to cover, or you just need a good reference source on your bookshelf to research before calling a professional advisor at a hundred dollars an hour, Entrepreneur Magazine is an excellent resource guide that will probably wear out prematurely from your frequent use.