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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

New York Times best-seller Andrea Kane is the master of the romance thriller, and readers of her two newest novels, "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" and "Dark Room," will understand why. From the first page, both books captivate readers with their innovative, intricate plots.

In the best-selling "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" (Avon), Sally Montgomery's romantic weekend goes horribly wrong when her companion, Frede-rick Pierson, is murdered and their cabin burned to the ground.

It's clear that someone set out to kill Sally as well, but the authorities don't see Sally as a victim, but as the prime suspect. To stay alive, Sally will have to stay hidden in the woods until her name is cleared and the true killer is caught. Sally's daughter, Devon, is determined to make sure that happens. She has asked her father, Pete Montgomery, for help. Together, Sally, Devon and Pete investigate the Pierson family from the inside and out. Devon, unable to extricate herself, finds she is the murderer's next target.

Kane's hardcover, "Dark Room" (William Morrow), features Morgan Winter, who, with support of old friends and new allies, fights to find the man who is responsible for the death of her parents. She will not rest until he pays for his crimes, no matter what it takes.